Resources for Teens

The following list contains websites that you might find helpful. If you would like to talk to someone over the phone call: Kid Talk (575) 636-3636.

Learn how you can help prevent bullying.

What to do When Someone is being Bullied – Spanish

Pacer Center Teens Against Bullying

Increase Awareness about bullying

Quick Facts About Bullying

Helping Others

Videos – Teens Against Bullying

Bystander Revolution

Here are some resources that can help.

Fighting Harassment At School and Work

Resources and Expert Advice for LGBTQ Students

Bullying Awareness Guidebook: Students Staying Safe In School

Understanding Cyber Bullying In School

How to Deal With Being Bullied – Spanish

The Trevor Project Lifeline Chat

The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Awesome Videos About Bullying

What is Sexual Bullying?

How to Cope

How to Deal With Frustration and Anger

How to Deal With Rumors

Coping With Cliques

Dealing With Bullies

Cyber Bullying

Stories About Cyber Bullying

More Stories


Learn more about why.

Are You a Bully? – Spanish

How to Appologize

Organizations that are here to help you.

Mayfield High School Gay Straight Aliance

The Wellness, Alcohol, and Violence Education Program

Families & Youth Inc. – (575) 522-4004

Bullying Education: G.R.E.A.T: Deputy Michelle Ugalde –

Domestic Violence: La Casa 800 S. Walnut St., Las Cruces (575) 526-9513

Sexual assault: La Pinon (575) 526-3437 (Las Cruces) (888) 595-7273 (Toll Free)

Suicide Hotline:

(800) 273-8255 (National)

(575) 646-2813 (WAVE)

Las Cruces Public Schools

505 S. Main Ste 249, Las Cruces

(575) 527-5800


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